Welcome, Welcome

Well that’s two signings in, and yes I'm a bit tardy with both, but I hardly claim this to be a cutting edge news site always breaking the latest news.
The signings of Guedioura and Collins have indicated that, far from what the Mail reckoned we are throwing a bit of weight around with some signings that are a) costing money, and b) aren’t from the Middle East, both of which the Mail reckoned were key factors. Mail fail.

So now we have a defender too, that’s one more piece in the jigsaw and will be followed up in the next few days with further signings apparently (more on this later). Slowly it all starts to come together.

But mainly welcome to the club Danny Collins and welcome home Adlene Guedioura, who spoke of the fans love on Twitter being a huge factor. He obviously already loves the club and bares all the hallmarks of a future legend, even if Derby fans try to make out he’s a reserve from another championship club, that maybe so, but we aren’t being turned down by Crewe defenders