The Ridiculous Rumour Mill is in Full Swing

People Say the Silliest Things

Ok so this potential new found wealth has started people saying some of the daftest comments on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and forums, about whom we should sign or who should be manager. Some of these will be jokes, and tongue in cheek comments. Unfortunately most aren’t, and people actually believe we could pull off these signings.

Harry Redknapp
Yes some people think that fresh from finishing 4th in the Premier League, and coming so close to the England job, that the only place for Redknapp to go is Forest. Not to any other number of high profile top flight jobs. That’s before you consider the bloke wouldn’t leave his South Coast home (think about the job’s he’s had, Tottenham is the most northerly he’s been), so would have a hell of a commute. Though the car park at Forest would be perfect for his car window press interviews.

Michael Owen
A free agent after his recent spell at Manchester United came to an end; he is looking for a new club. Never mind top flight teams have been linked. Never mind there are supposedly huge contract offers from the Middle East, people still think the 31 year old former England international would come to Forest. I think he’d still be brilliant at this level. But he isn’t going to lower himself to the Championship just yet.

Andrea Pirlo
I kid you not, there were some comments suggesting we should sign Pirlo. Now this is probably one of those tongue in cheek comments I referred to, but you never know, people will look at his age and think he must be on the decline and we can sign anyone. The guys just had an amazing Euros, plays for Juventus and will be the Champions League; this isn’t going to happen on any level.

Jordan Rhodes
Compared to the previous names this is remotely feasible. But it isn’t going to happen. His stock is rising; any move from Huddersfield would surely be to a top flight team, who will be monitoring his Championship progress closely. He would also cost somewhere around the £6mill mark, which for a Championship club would be a ridiculous figure to spend (although Leicester and Matt Mills spring to mind)

Romelu Lukaku
Apparently, some think we should try and loan the Chelsea youngster Lukaku, who has been agitating for first team football. That would be top flight first team football. The guy rightly or wrongly has a fairly strong opinion of his ability, believing he should get more opportunities at Chelsea, that’s European Champions Chelsea, he thinks he should be in their team, so it would be all but miraculous for him to think I better lower myself to Forest, when he believes he should be in the European Champions team. Ridiculous. People have been playing Football Manager too much if they think that’s achievable.