Fans Need to Remain Grounded and Patient

I have warned repeatedly over the perils of the foreign takeover not always being what it seems. Beware of people selling you magic beans and all that. This isn’t so much as one those pieces, but more a reminder to fans that wealth investment do not always = success.

What we need to is for fans to remain patient, I fear seeing peoples excitement and happiness around the takeover that there are also a number who seem to think that Ladbrokes might as well close the book on promotion already.

It isn’t that simple. It rarely is. Leicester had large investment with poor results. Other teams will be similarly spending sums to go up and with a better starting point than us. Bolton, Blackburn and Wolves will be seeking promotion. Wolves midfield is strong enough for them to let Adlene Guedioura at least out on loan last season and probably to sell this season. He was one of our, if not, best players last season. He’s a reject now there. Contenders for sure.

Additionally it will take time for a new squad to settle in. A whole new defence near enough needs to be signed. New wingers need to be bought in. Our squad may be long term competitive, but will need stability. Which won’t be people calling for the managers head half way through the season. Especially with potentially trigger happy new owners, we don’t know if they will be hire and fire them people, like you get in Italy, or trust and give time to a manager.

Any current players we have may be looking over their backs in early games, fearful that they might be replaced any time (if there are significant funds) Ok this sometimes gee’s up some players and makes them perform week in week out, others get nervous and jittery. It can work both ways.

The fans were sometimes mentioned by players (notably Chambers in that infamous post match interview) as being too quick to get on the teams backs. That need to stop. It cannot continue. I get hat last season fans were frustrated and that yes you pay your way into the stadium so should be allowed to deride them if you feel. However it’s not productive, it’d be better to channel that same energy into supporting the team, spurring them on rather than detracting from them.

And all in all the new board will take time to settle, to perhaps understand what it is to run a football club. Al Hasawi has run them before in Kuwait, but that is simply not going to b the same type of entity as Forest is. For that reason they may take time to adjust to see where funds need be allocated better (wages, transfers etc) and how to channel all this into this aim they have of a new stadium somewhere. And they key to that is making sure it is in Nottingham, and not out of town in the middle of nowhere, those developments feel removed from the place they represent.