Departure of Lynch and Chambers

So Chambers has gone and Lynch looks to be joining him, is this such a bad thing?

Well yes and no. On the hand you like a stable defence that knows each other. A team’s success depends on its back 4 being stable and resolute. Teams who have failed have invariably been down o a defence that is chopped and changed. Arsenals weak points in the season came when the defence wasn’t stable. Manchester United failings came when it was tinkered with. Chelsea’s season nearly was disastrous as the defence was in flux. Manchester City, well they usually kept to a solid defence, and only struggled when that was in disarray. So you live and die by your defence.

That said it may be time to form new partnerships and a new team. OK Chambers flattered to deceive a lot, but Lynch mostly had a solid season after a couple of years of being deployed at Left back, finally het got his chance in the middle, and grasped it. Our season settled when the defence settled. Gunter, Chambers, Lynch and Cunningham. Now we have one of those. On the hand this gives an excellent opportunity for Lascelles to stake his claim for the team.

It is also a chance to bring in quality defenders. Chambers needed to move on in my opinion, after being installed as captain and having a shaky season; it was always going to be difficult to retain that status quo. More so after his attack on the fans. Chambers had a mixed history with Forest, with many fans never really forgetting his haphazard early displays. Cunningham was a difficult example, settling into a strange struggling team as a young left back was always going to be a struggle. He eventually settled but you don’t need eventually, you need immediately.

So a chance with new funding to form a new back 4 may well work out. I’d argue we need an experience head back there for sure, and Danny Higginbotham would be a great example or even Clint Hill, however I fear their wages may be too high even with the potential new funds. Lascelles would need an old head next to him. Like Walker with Dawson, and Breckin with Morgan, an old fashioned aerial centre half. Lascelles can have the pace. Someone like, but obviously not Chris Morgan. Physical. Determined. Uncompromising.

Left back spot just needs filling permanently, no stop gaps. Just someone whose job that is. Freeman can cover if and when needed for odd games; increase his match time in the Championship after lower league learning curves. Elokobi would be perfect, he has experience at this level, now knows the club and the fans took to him well. He would be popular