Cotterill Gone..... And Probably Clark and Arthur

Well this is shaping up to be a very hectic few days, made all the harder by my home computer being out of action. So Cotterill is no longer the manager of Nottingham Forest. Which to be honest I remain indifferent to. On the one hand I don’t think he was bad and was never really given a chance, but on the other he never really excited me as a manager.

Yes he had a good record in the market, and bought us two cult legends in Elokobi and Guedioura. However, there were often strange selection choices and questionable post match interviews.

It also marks a huge moment in the new ownership. After a day or so and 2 days of pre season training and 4 days before the squad head to America, we are now rudderless. I expect a very quick appointment. I.e. they already have their man lined up and ready to move in to the role. I hope so anyway. I have no idea who that man may well be.

I have spoken at length about some of those options, and criticised some of those linked names. Now the likelihood of some of them increases (though in Redknapps case I doubt it.)What it immediately spells out to me is the new regime are not afraid to chop and change where they see fit, this partly worries me. I don’t want a chairman who always has his finger on the trigger, ready to sack a manager on any old whim. This doesn’t necessarily mean that, they perhaps do want a long term legacy, just not Steve Cotterill. So let’s see what happens there.

Cotterill was divisive figure amongst fans. Many disliked him, many supported him. He didn’t unite the fans like some and that always counted against him.
I am writing this in the immediate aftermath before any real news or gossip begins to emanate about replacements or the actual reasons why. There will be speculation. I have already seen that it’s the new bosses already buying in players above the manager’s head, needing essentially a yes man. Think Abramovic, but also think Venky’s.

A huge moment in this regimes fledgling tenure. I say tenure, it may be a dynasty. Who knows?

And now after I have written this and don’t want to edit it looks like, and somewhat expectedly Mark Arthur and Frank Clark are going to be also relieved of their duties. Wholesale changes appear to be going on today at the City Ground. Almost fees like a City Ground Night of the Long Knives.