The Candidates

So enough with the conjecture. There has been a fantastic amount of guesswork going off on Twitter and Facebook and forums about the new boss. We review the potential candidates being pushed forward (seeing as most of our names we included the other day are no goes)

Mick McCarthy
Well, the outspoken and often entertaining (for a quote anyway) Yorkshireman is one of the fore runners. Basically since Wolves he's been on pundit duty, and would probably relish a new chance to have another promotion on his CV. I personally like McCarthy, his football can be a bit agricultural admittedly, but he gets results at this level.

Roy Keane
If it wasn't for his club connection I'm not sure if this would be met with the same interest/ His record isn't fantastic, he struggled with Ipswich, but he is the "iconic" type of name the Kuwaiti's want, and he is ex Forest. He does also have a massive point to prove after recent failures.

Keven Keegan
This one was from left field. I never thought it was a possibility, or even entertained the notion of it. Keegan has his detractors, but projects like have bough out the best in him, initially when Newcastle first got John halls cash, and then with Al-Fayad at Fulham before England came calling. The question is I guess is he still relevant? Is he someone top players would want to play for? That would remain a doubt for me.

Glenn Hoddle
Diamond Lights aside a pretty successful career in all he has done. Swindon, Chelsea and Tottenham were all largely good periods, and although England crashed out in Euro 2000 early after almost beating Argentina in World Cup 98. I think had we won that game people would remember Hoddle a lot differently. Problems are that of course he became infamous for comments about the disabled, Eileen Drewery, and his love of Kenny G.

Diego Maradona
If you told me a week ago this would even be mentioned never mind almost seriously I'd have laughed in your face. But no, its out there as a possibility. He's available after a spell in the middle east and would again be that "iconic" name. The question is is he nay good. Argentina might have done better in spite of him at the last world cup. Can he speak English? That's another potential barrier. But for shear headlines and media attention.... Couldn't be bettered.

Phil Scolari
Oh yeah the Forest "fan" from Brazil. He's been with the Hasawi's before in Kuwait so they know him well. One major stumbling block, he's employed with Palmeiras. Who are doing rather well (they just won the Brazilian Cup) Why people think he'd come back to England after his spell at Chelsea I am unsure. I think it's a case of putting 2 and 2 together and adding up to 27.

Other names mentioned in passing, Graeme Souness, Darren Ferguson (still), Bryan Roy, Laurent Blanc, Dougie Freedman