"Imminent" Takeover And Other Things

OK so since last week and the potential news of the Kuwaiti take over and the various back and forth's over whether it is or not happening things have almost pretty much reached a head. There were days the deal was definitely on and those it was definitely off. Now today has come the news that a takeover is close. This is good news, but we still don't know exactly who, though the Kuwait deal is still the most prominent and only real known offer. But no-one really knows. Mark Arthur says no-one at the club knows. The journalists don't know. Nobody knows. But there are plenty pretending to, people on Twitter being adamant they know the truth.

And that’s the crux of this whole sorry situation. People trying to point score whilst pretending to have an inside mole to get info. If you’d believe these people then all that happens at Forest is shadowy secret conversations. And like Hamlet, People hiding behind the arras listening in. Well Forest is not the Danish Royal Family. Otherwise we might have more money.

Journalists on twitter are a welcome presence. Often they provide good insider knowledge of what may or may not be happening. They know the insides of the club better and how the various machinations work. Usually.

The problem is, the general public, those with no access to any inside sources etc, rely on these people for their gossip. So when they “don’t know” or are rather vague people get angry because they are now used to having this information almost on tap. It doesn’t help when these journalists often present this authoritative air of we know what’s happening, only to be obviously flailing in the water on this particular subject. It is a double edge sword though. Comment, and get shown up to be out the loop, or stay quiet and have people angry for them not commenting.

I don’t profess to be in the know. We seldom try to report news, usually just our opinion on what is going on, occasionally I or one of the other writers will come across some information we pass on, but usually with more than a pinch of salt. So to see other sites constantly proclaiming various things ARE happening as news (and even though I did write about the Kuwaiti takeover happening, it was mainly my views on this) it is ridiculous. If Vital throw enough shit at a wall, some of it will stick.
The question of whether this news is happening is almost being over shadowed by the attention and aggression being caused by those angry at the journalists for failing to provide concise answers. In an environment where concise answers don’t exist.

Now it’s like there are two camps like with the anti Doughty and pro Doughty days. Believers and non believers. Those who do think this Kuwaiti is a knight in shining armour. And others are seeing him as a lying charlatan. Add in to this an undertone from some fringe loons trying to still claim this is all still Doughtys fault, like in some way they blame him for dying. The extreme anti Doughty crowd it seems remain extreme.

Either way if he does wrest control of the club, then it’s not starting a regime under great auspices. When apparently Leeds turned his overtures as he wasn’t wealthy enough. We aren’t in a position to be so choosy should the decision arise. I do question the fact that we are apparently his third choice. QPR and Leeds were his preference, so Forest isn’t his love driving this. SO what is? A need for success? A need for glory? Or a need for profit?

As I said previously, interesting times ahead.