It Seems G-Mac is Off

Well it's hardly a surprise being bang in form and out of contract that he attracted attention. He is also relatively cheap for some clubs I would assume as he is young and untried at higher levels. It also appears to be Reading leading this chase.

I have always been a fan, and yeah it'll be a loss, but remember he didn’t cost us much and as recently as November he was regarded as a squad player with little or no future. So in that regard the loss is somewhat lessened.

That said he was a top player last season and losing any top players is bad news. Especially as he will be hard to replace.

If he does go I wish the lad well. Some have accused him of greed on Twitter and I always laugh at this, as if someone offered you the same job closer to where your home was for more money every one of us would jump at that chance. To call them greedy is ridiculous, it’s short career to maximise earnings. So I hope it's not true, but I think it will be. Reading would be a good move too.