Doughty Chants Take Attention Off Derby's Win

A lot has been spoken in other blogs about the nature and the reaction to the Doughty chants from the Derby fans. They weren't funny or clever but perhaps they were predictable.

Far more taboo subjects have been used for chants fodder by other teams. All you have to do is look at how Hillsborough or Munich gets used by Liverpool and Man Utd to know in comparison it is fairly small fry.

It is however raw and recent. Which makes it taboo.

To sing and mock the death of something’s whose family will possibly be attending the game if not listening to it, is somewhat childish, foolish and downright disrespectful.

I have seen a number of fans of Derby attempt to justify their actions by saying well Forest would have done the same. I have no doubt a minority would have, but that doesn’t mean you get to use that as a justification. For one you’re saying you admit your chanting is wrong. Secondly you’re saying you have no element of individual thinking and have to follow the herds. You'd have done it so we have to!! Well now you don't HAVE to. You could take the moral high ground.

It's a very childish argument to have that we did it because you would have. It feels like they realised after this is wrong and now feel they need to justify it in their heads by explaining to Forest fans that it's because of us.

Hang on though, blaming something on the possibility and chance of something happening, that isn’t right. And to be fair who does mock something like that. You have to be a shallow person in life to mock the afflicted or dead in that way.

I for one would no way have ever done the same had the tables turned. People who sit near me would have possibly, as Is it near some utter retards, who are the same type who are reacting with righteous indignation.

It is has tainted a win for Derby. So much so than even their patron saint Robbie Savage has felt the need o speak out. Dexter Blackstock has tweeted to tell the world how he feels, this speaks volumes.

Also in a highly charged atmosphere using material like this is ridiculous. It sums them up really. These are the same fans who thought flying a pathetic plane over our ground to celebrate a win is the height of hilarity.

I appreciate the majority of Derby fans probably have a similar mindset. That the chanting is wrong. But the sad minority are always the loudest and most moronic.