The Forest Fan Blame Game

In recent weeks, I am sure we are all aware of the growing mob of Forest staff, players, media and other sources starting to slate the fans who criticise at home games.

Pre-game yesterday ended up tipping me over the edge and has incensed me to write with the utter rubbish being spoken.

I can honestly say I never get on the players backs, only ever a muttering to my mate about x player not performing (usually Chambers). 

What fan in any ground in the country doesn't? 

I suppose having a season ticket in the ever excitable Victor Chandler corner, I never have to as the over reactive teens trying to start 5 different chants at the same time, do it for me.

The talk pre-game was of the horrible atmosphere on Tuesday night when we lost to Doncaster and how the fans affected the team by jeering, booing and whatever.

This was a home game against bottom of the league, where the side had an opportunity to create further light between our visitors, Coventry and Pompey. The team then go out and display one of the most pathetic displays of the season. We lose the game and fall right back into the relegation mix.

Now...are they for real when they don't expect the fans to say anything or be unhappy? Are the actually being serious?

Maybe if they hadn't gone out with a swagger similar to 'we only have to turn up tonight', we may have got something. 

Anyways, yesterday came and we gained a superb 3-1 victory against a side just a few places above us. Everyone's happy and rightly so. 

After the match came the tweets, Radio Nottingham and player talk of 'look what happens when the fans get behind you' was out. 

It is laughable, especially as the flip from me is look what happens when you actually play as well as every fan knows you can.

Now I do believe the fans play a significant part in player performance - after all you try doing your day job with 20,000 people knit-picking at everything you do badly. 

But with our plight this season, how can they expect fans to sit and take things like 7 games without scoring or a run of 5 points out of a possible 39. 

They can't and in less than a year, this club has gone from one extreme to another.

If players and members of Nottingham Forest want to criticse the fans, that's fine. 

I divert you to two things.

1. Now more than ever the fans are paying your wages and have a right to say what they want.

2. I'd advise when you brainstorm your marketing campaign for next season, don't put 'Take your seat & make your voice heard' on every single season ticket. It's obvious the club doesn't mean that.

The bottom line is if you play with passion, pride and care, no one will hear a boo whether we win, lose or draw. Who are we to argue when we know you have tried your best?

And that isn't a Forest thing either, that goes for every single fan across the world. 

It's time to stop playing the victim and using us fans as an excuse players and staff of Nottingham Forest.

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