The Cult of Radi

Radoslaw Majewski, is no doubt a magician at times with the ball, and a highly skilled player, but can’t get anywhere near a relegation threatened team. Why is this? There are those who constantly chant and cheer for his inclusion into the match team. They argue that the introduction of a bit flair and creativity would be perfect for the team. Yet he languishes outside the 16.

However, on the other side is the fact that he is incredibly inconsistent and extremely prone to drifting out of games and remaining anonymous for vast swathes of a match. Radi can go for a long period of you forgetting he is on the pitch. And yet he is lauded by the fans still.

During the game with Coventry, the upper tier of the Bridgford End started cheering for Radi. When it was 0-0 and it was looking bleak, they chanted for the name of a player they thought could change it. Because people remember things like the Derby goal, the West Brom goal. These two goals were undoubtedly two of the best we have seen for a while, but what else? Yeah occasional good assists, but in the last year? No.
Thing is, I get he’s talented, but I have never been convinced he can do it consistently enough. And I still feel people have been blinded by those goals and overlook the overall performances. Around me, the main Majewski fans are also the type who never understood McKenna’s role. For them football is all about the flashy and not the blood and guts.

Majewski and McGugan for instance on the same team would not work. Two players going for the Hollywood, and no steel. And McGugans form last season was only going to result in one winner.

I see him as an equivalent of Andrei Arshavin. Supremely talented but just not doing it, but why? Has he had enough of the club? A lack of motivation? People criticise Cotterill saying he isn’t implementing him rightly, often on the wing, or that he should simply use him as a creative outlet, and yes he can create a spark, BUT, and capitals intended, but, how often is it this last year or so that he has provided that?

Let’s be honest as a winger he offers no defensive cover for his full back, in the centre he has to be implemented further up and that removes potentially a presence in midfield. It leaves us with a make weight when defending, and we have to defnd as a team. Having Majewski leaves you open. It’s one less defender.

But, when he is good he is a great creative player, the problem is I don’t think he wants to be here? And I think that dates from before this season. Once McGugan was starring last season it left Radi to be sidelined often. Majewski has to be in the team, to get a run of games, but you can’t carry him for those games he is finding form.

This season in the league, Radi has played 18 games, scoring twice. With goals against Southampton and Blackpool (sealing the win) but this was all towards the first few months. He hasn't featured since New Year Eve and last played 90 minutes in the away game versus Bristol City. You can draw a parallel in form between us performing badly and not scoring with his absences. When Cotterill started he used Majewski and we got several results before the form dived. So there is evidence that with Radi we played well. But some of the worst performances featured him too.
But Cotterill wants more steel in the team and that’s the one thing Majewski doesn’t offer. Let’s be honest as the central midfielder to partner the steel of either Moussi or such like, then Guedioura is far far better than Majewski. His passing range is better. His tackling is better, his shots are better.

Majewski is reportedly now a target for Reading. I think perhaps it is time for him to move on. For his own career as Cotterill clearly think he’s too lightweight. And basically because I think he has his time under Davies He wasn’t always a first teamer, and he clearly by his possibly mistranslated comments to the Polish media this week thinks he should be. His comments there suggested he believes his future lays elsewhere and fore when a player says that he has to move on. Players can’t have minds elsewhere.

The Majewski club will call foul. But this is a player who has done very little this season. Why sing for a player that isn't going to fit in with the style of play or the team? Ok so people also want that style of play to match what he can do, but that’s wanting your cake and eating it. Majewski for much of last season for me was a passenger. Unable to influence games as he once had, and when he can’t he merely drifted on the periphery. And that is where he has stayed.