Transfer Gossip Update

I'd like to make it clear once and for all on this, these are not news report, but mainly taken from gossip columns whereby I cherry pick the likely, and the ridiculous. The rest I between I ignore


Billy Kee
Burton Striker Kee, an ex Leicester youngster has been linked. He has been scoring a lot of goals in league Two and is the sort of striker that wouldn’t cost much and potentially do a job. Kee is described as stocky on one site, which basically means a big unit who is strong, like a Grant Holt. It is potentially the type of player we could go after, what Burton would want fee wise is unclear, and therefore may be a stumbling block. On the other hand someone might just be plucking a young striker doing well in League Twos name out of a bag. Kee is a Northern Ireland u-21 international

George Elokobi
The Wolves Left back has been linked via Sky Sports, so for once it has as more reputable source. That said, we currently have Cunningham there for the rest of the season so why would we spend on wages of a Premier League player in the same positions? Plus he has a season on his contract so would potentially command a fee. The guy is a big strong player who’d take no crap, that said I simply don’t see this happening.

Stephen Quinn
The Sheffield United midfielder has been linked, again on Sky Sports. Seems potentially possible as Cotterill hasn’t really settled on a midfield he likes yet. Quinn could be just the type of player we need, not afraid to get stack in, can get wide and has good delivery. Basically Cohen, but with more hustle.


Matt Derbyshire
Again. Being linked with Coventry and Sheffield Wednesday but I’d guess any deal would be a loan till end of season as no-one would want to commit long term. I liked him before he arrived, but it just seems we are the wrong club at the wrong time for him.

David McGoldrick
Word is the club are basically desperate to get rid of him. Get him off the wage bill and potentially get a fee back, but accept it would be nowhere near the fee we paid. McGoldrick would simply be no loss. Notts County have been linked, but how can they afford him?

Lewis McGugan
Linked with just about anyone below 8thin the Premier League seemingly. You name them; they’ve been linked with essentially a cut price £1mill deal for the mercurial midfielder. Simply isn’t nearly consistent enough in a relegation battle, in some eyes. Still would be a shame to lose one of our most exciting players, but if needs must.