The Leicester Debacle and O'Driscolls Arrival

Strange week for the club. I say strange, we still lost, and embarrassingly, but it did mean the unforeseen arrival of ex Doncaster manager Sean O'Driscoll, numerous times linked with the main job as a First team Coach, which considering his track record you have to wonder if there’s not more to this role.

Anyway, I already digress. We are ignoring Tuesday night and all that it entailed. As much as I am sure we would love to forget that now infamous night in Leicester, where not only did we simply barely show up, but also conspired to produce one of the best misses you'll ever see that will haunt blooper rolls for years to come. Findley conspired to sky it from 2 yards out. I only ever saw Jason Lee do this before, but he made a talent of such misses.

Leicester crushed us. Right from the get go we were under the cosh. There aren’t enough words to describe the destruction and embarrassment wreaked on Forest by near neighbours Leicester. Twitter and Facebook were alive with chatter about how Cotterill ahs to go and almost wishing for Leicester to get more to force Cotterills hand to have to resign there and then if it got too bad.

That of course at the time seems funny but in hindsight wishing the team to do worse was faintly ridiculous, and leading to some outlandish Twitter comments from some people that were laughable and damn right stupid. I love how the knee jerk reactionaries always come out and declare such ridiculous statements as gospel. Hiding behind relative internet anonymity, and then not answering your comments when you point out to them their errors.

Of course Cotterill wasn’t going to be fired for reasons that are many fold. Mainly thought the lack of money, we can't afford to sack him, secondly he was bought in to wheel and deal, and finally Frank Clark is our chairman. Frank Clark who was always outspoken on manager dismissals as head of the LMA and who said any manager should a minimum of 6 months in a job to be judged on, Those 3 things alone would rule out Forest making a change.

But maybe this is the cheap option. Bring in the guy who has a good track record on a shoestring to assist the wheeler dealer. Create something interesting. O'Dricoll is a good manager who took Doncaster as far as they would go. Now he is helping us and surely that can't help.... or do too many cook spoil the broth? It will be interesting to see nonetheless.

And in further interesting news tonight the youth team tonked Wigan’s youth team 9-1, which surely sends a strong message out, with Bamford being a stand out player. Give youth a chance? Well they can’t be worse can they?