Defeat Getting Too Easy

It has been a few days now since the West Ham defeat, which I wanted to write about earlier, but couldn't think how best to phrase what i have wanted to say. Basically, my whole mindset is that how things have changed in a year, and how easy it is now to accept that we have lost again.

Well accept might be the wrong word, but this season we have become so accustomed to defeat and disappointment that it no longer hurts as much. It’s like almost expected in some regards. I had no expectations before the game, and promptly not alot was delivered.

Ok, so we scored, there is a one solitary bright point, and it was a good McGugan strike from what we remember before. But on the other hand, we lost; the goal was so deep in stoppage time that basically the game was gone anyway, so we were on a hiding to nothing.

Last season a defeat I think was harder to take. Mainly because we weren’t used to it. Winning became easy and we got so accustomed to that feeling that the playoffs felt like a huge deflation. Whereas a win now is a crazy feeling. That Ipswich game was such a shock to the system that I was simply amazed.

To start winning again after this run would bring that back. But the games coming up are games that on paper are winnable. We need to win for a start. To be honest, it still doesn't feel like we will go down. The negative fans I moan and write about so often, they are the ones out in force suggesting we might as start programming Scunthorpe and the like into the Sat-Nav's.

West Ham are now top of the table, and with a number of top flight pedigree players, to be honest had we been the team we were under Davies I still think we may have lost this game. To be honest although not the same line ups we lost before to them in the FA Cup which shows that, regarding last season and this season and how we ran them close we have actually gone backwards.

We all know this for a fact, but this point merely underlines it for all to see. It is such a shame, which of course is also a huge understatement. But to be honest, the next few games now have so much riding on it. A break this week for the cup might do us good.