Cup Run Ahoy

Well if we beat Leicester it will be.

I say that of course all we have to do is beat Leicester away and then beat Giant Killers Swindon, who I am sure Wigan thought would be easy enough.

To be fair I am torn on what a cup run could mean. One hand it’s a chance to build form. It's a chance to earn vital money. And it's a chance for a bit of success and joy in a season seriously lacking that.

The 0-0 draw with Leicester, which if am honest, I missed due to work commitments, well it wasn’t a surprise. I thought we might draw. I couldn't see us winning, but we have been doing better of late, so to nearly get something doesn’t surprise.

To be fair, it was almost pressure free with Leicester bringing so many fans. It was obvious that Forest fans didn't prioritise this game, whereas Leicester did, so for them it was more important seeing as their fans seem to give a shit.

The area around the station was awash with Leicester fans according to one colleague who made the mistake of going near the canal side during lunch time. Quite why Leicester brought 8,000 to a third round games against a non glamour team somewhat puzzles me. I think they think we care about them.

All in all I am not disappointed to at least get a replay, but the potential legacy of if we get injuries would annoy me. It is a distraction which could be costly, but for some team’s cup runs invigorate their season, it drives them up the league. In that regard I am completely torn.

Not that I'll ever say no to a win though.