Surprise Surprise

I read with great glee earlier about Nathan Tyson apologising about his injury plagued Derby season so far.

The wonder is he felt the need to do so. Anyone with any knowledge of Tyson would have known before he signed for Derby that he is frankly injury plagued. He wasn't nicknamed around where I sit as Mr Glass for nothing.

So for him to feel the need to say sorry is amusing. ON the other hand I can’t recall him ever doing so for Forest. Let’s face it, 5 games in a row was a good run for Tyson. However even for Tyson this run of injuries has been a bad one with him only making two performances for that lot down the A52.

Tyson said
""It's not just been a nightmare, it's been embarrassing. You join a new club and you want to impress and show what you can do, I'm so eager to achieve something here and be a success at this club and to have that taken away for me has been very hard."

Frankly I think anyone signing him with his injury record took such a risk that you have to wonder why?. I always liked Tyson; he always tried, and gave his all, so you can't bad mouth. This is more laughing at Derby taking on such a sick note and paying him to do bugger all.

Furthermore, considering he was the man on the December page of the 2011 calendar for Forest, it's almost perfect timing.