No Bids

Recently I saw a few posts here and there on Twitter or Facebook from people bemoaning the lack of news coming from the club. Basically concerning once again that people the need for the board to be constantly telling us every facet of what is going on.

For quite a while I have constantly seen the anti Doughty brigade claiming that that when we cite that the man has saved us from going out of business that someone else would sweep in run us and save us from the big bad man Doughty, the evidence is now suggesting the exact opposite.

There has been no offer and no interest in taking us on, as most of us thought. The fact that some clubs have been taken over by foreign groups who splash the cash many fans wants the same thing. This short term vision as I have said very often is dangerous. Look at Portsmouth for evidence of that.

Coupled with the news as we discussed that there is no cash to spend, and then the usual gang have started vaguely perked up. Any chance to moan and all that. There was an amusing thread on LTLF that mocked this whole lets protest against something but we aren’t sure what mob. Cotterill has a hard January coming up. I hope he wins over the doubters who are starting to pipe up.

On Radio Nottingham they had the quotes from John Pelling, whereby they said indeed we have to free up wages to spend. And with Paul Taylors tweet today where he suggested many of the new players are on higher wages than the players who have been here for a while (and were successful) and they want parity, which you’d argue is fair enough, if it wasn't for the fact we can’t afford it. The likes of Derbyshire appear to taking up a portion of cash. And as has been suggested elsewhere maybe we should look to cheaper players lower down than signing Premier League Credential players.

So now the news is out that there are no offers, and no knight in shining armour is coming to invest billions in us, like many would claim would happen. Again, bravo to those who cited this as a good excuse to hound Doughty out. Especially when we have to sell before we can buy.