Harewood to sign?

Interesting news breaking this evening saying Marlon Harewood is due to make a return to Forest until the end of the season.

Steve Cotterill has turned to Harewood in the hope he can roll back the years, and get us a few goals - something we have lacked badly in recent weeks.

Now all Forest fan knows what Marlon is capable of and he requires no introduction. Whether it proves to be an inspired move is another matter, especially since the return of Andy Reid has hardly been a success.

The most interesting thing for me is where the funds have come from to fund Harewood?

If you listened to Radio Nottingham post match yesterday, you would have heard Robin Chipperfield say an unknown source is funding the extension of Greg Cunningham's loan.

I'd like to dream a new investor is just around the corner, but let's not jump the gun just yet - questions for another article.

As for Harewood, good luck to him if it materialises.

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  1. The guy funding Cunningham will be ND, but after the last witch hunt against him, I don't blame him not saying anything. eg. What if Cunningham scored an own goal? ND would get the blame.


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