Gunter to be the First to Go?

Reports today suggest Chris Gunter is likely to be the first Forest player to head for the exit in January.

Interest is believed to be high among some lower tier Premier League clubs, with Norwich already having two bids rejected - the latest of which was £1.5m.

Forest are believed to be holding out for £2.5m, which makes sense considering we forked out £1.75m for him in June 2009 - times may be hard but we're not mugs.

Admittedly, It will be very sad to see him leave.

Gunter has been pivotal in recent seasons and we've all seen him blossom into a great player. We're a worse team without him, regardless of Maloney being able to step in.

We have to face it, Chris is at an important time in his career.

As a Welsh International, he'll know himself he should be in or at least competing to be in the Premier League - unfortunately we can not provide the latter anymore. It's the only way he'll achieve his full potential and the sooner he gets there, the sooner he'll be able establish himself at that level.

We can't really stand in his way.

And with times as they are at Forest, £2.5m is an astronomic amount in building our team. We could easily extend contracts and/or add new players to the squad.

It's just frustrating our players with the most value are in defence - the area with the lowest resource.

If he leaves, there will no doubt be some frustration aimed at the board as per.

Sadly, when you're a struggling side, no one wants your crap just your best.

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