That Ridiculous Banner

Right, for a start I am going to state that I find this kind of stunt fairly embarrassing for any team to pulling off. But if you are going to do this, do it well

There are other reasons to mock this of course. For one the banner itself which was admittedly more visible than the picture suggests was amateurish at best. Grammatically a mess and looking like it was pieced together from two other banners, Or that they pilfered a Remembrance Day banner from somewhere (I refer to the Never Forgotten bit) and you get something that made Forest fans chuckle, more than the anger it could have curried.

Furthermore, two months later? Hardly a fresh wound your reopening is it? The manager and Chairman have both changed in that time, our form has picked up and Derby's has slumped. They couldn't really have timed it worse. Had it been the next game or two, then yes, it would have been an extra dig, more painful. Now it just seems desperate.

Finally, it isn’t even original. It’s been done before, Blackburn, Blackpool, QPR have all done similar stunts recently. And at £2000 you really have to laugh. Football may well be important to us, but to splash that amount of cash, hard earned cash in a recession on a banner to try and rile fans at a game that you aren't at to see the reaction? Yeah I don’t think MasterCard's new advert will be quoting this as priceless.

Bravo Derby, for completely messing up a golden opportunity. Worst Team in history, and now worst banner in history.