Forest Last Gasp Comeback

At that point we had a team that withered and died in games (except against Leicester and we can frankly still thank Schmeichel for that) Now we have a team that does not want to lose. And will keep going. And then grab three points in injury time.

Ipswich had a team with a number of high paid players who have had success higher up the leagues. Chopra, Bowyer and Bullard are all well-known names, and with Stockdale (a keeper around the England squad) Jay Emmanuel Thomas (who was highly regarded at Arsenal) they aren’t short of players who look dangerous.

I just read a blog entry of an Ipswich site where they have suggested that these players are mere mercenaries and do not care, but Ipswich for periods looked handy. What they do probably lack is a certain amount of togetherness and spirit, as they bought in a large number of players.

That said, a number of our players are recent import, Greening, Reid, Cunningham all involved yesterday. But the core has been together for awhile and that breeds a certain amount of unity in the dressing room.

And that unity it seems to ebb and flow. Under Cotterill we have grasped it again, and use to go till the end. Under McClaren it seems that unity had the payers all against the manager, and they didn’t want to play for him, and that shows.

None of the goals yesterday were exactly classics. It was header central by and large, save for Findleys close range stab. Classically for Forest headers from set pieces were what we conceded. It sees to have been the same for all eternity. We never look comfortable.

But up the other end we grabbed headers too, and the points. Tudgay's winner seems a little lucky with how the ricochet landed exactly for him to no d home, but Lynch’s was a good strong header (and I for one am glad to see the lad started to get the plaudits he deserves.)

I’ll move on to the embarrassing banner later in another article, but of course Derby flew what can be described as an embarrassment over the City Ground for further entertainment.

All in all very good for the Feds to comeback. At 2-1 down I was more than a little concerned. But that’s because of the earlier start of the season when we would rollover. Now we don’t and it should breed confidence. Under Cotterill I doubt we would blow that lead against Derby. The players seem re-motiviated.

Onwards and upwards. Points wise we are as close to the playoffs as relegation. A good Decemeber and Christmas might even see us up in the playoff mix.