Calderwood Sacked

Considering how vociferously they held on to him over the summer when both ourselves and Birmingham were linked with the Scotsman, it's somewhat surprising and a little amusing to see Hibernian sack Calderwood.

The past few months have seen a great many changes between where we could have been and where we are now, and Calderwood wasn't able to be part of McClarens revolution.

It does occur to me what with eh back room staff all staying on that he could well have ended up taking charge of the Reds again when Steve was got rid of. That would have been a great irony really.

The flip side of this is of course that Billy Davies is a very high profile Scottish manager out of work and therefore has been linked now with this job. This is hardly surprising news.

Whats also sort of fascination,going back to Calderwood is that Hibs essentially passed up around £250,000 or whatever we offered in compensation, only to then sack a manager that was highly unpopular there anyway. In researching what Hibs fans thought of him, all I saw was Hearts fan completely mocking at how he had led Hibs to be a laughing stock, with Thornehill and Agogo as two of his signings, neither of them doing anything much beyond League One, and with Agogo essentially sitting the last two years out by playing in two bob leagues for two bob teams.

On the other hand I always wished Calderwood the best. Some fans just never warmed to him, and the guy was genuine and a nice bloke to boot, but it might be seen that he is not a capable Number One and might just be a capable assistant