Back to Back Defeats....But Two Very Different Performances

The common consensus amongst the Forest fans I spoke to before this pair of games is that we thought we could get something out of them. Some fans speculated 4 points as being good, many would have settled for 3. One of two suggested we would lose both.

The truth is I don' think anyone expecting two defeats would have expected the abject performance of last night, maybe expecting that to occur more against Cardiff. Away at a high flying team, we only lost narrowly, with many suggesting we were unlucky to not get more from it.

What a difference a few days made. Leeds absolutely destroyed us. Whether somewhat influenced by the need to give Gary Speed a rousing good bye, or whether they really were at the races, what cannot be disguised is that barely anyone can come out of the game with their head held even remotely high. Maybe Joel Lynch, but then he was part of a defence that conceded 4, so perhaps not.

The man most around at me least singled out, including myself on twitter was Guy Moussi. Moussi had one of those games whereby he just looks useless. Directly responsible for two of the goals at least, but usually around the others, who was particularly woeful. The problem seems to be he can't play that deep role by himself. We are missing Paul McKenna big time in that role.

Lewis McGugan got a lot of flack, after being moved to his "prime" role, he simply didn't how nearly the requisite qualities to justify his reputation. McGugan tried flicks that didn’t work, seemed to think that instead of looking for the ball, that the ball should merely come to him. It was the performance of someone who simply was going through the motions.

The game was getting that bad that Andy Reid decided enough was enough and he'd go and take an early shower. Being on a booking he was lucky to have avoided a second yellow a few minutes before a challenge that was simply just late. He wasn't even close to the ball, it was just bad. And so bad you simply can't help to think that there’s no way he must have thought he'd get the ball.

Many would have missed that because half the ground emptied after Becchio netted Leeds third, of course one of the goals had to come from a header from a cross. It wouldn’t be Forest without that kind of goal. Hell that’s how Cardiff beat us. But the difference was at Cardiff many of us expected to be maybe turned over. The Leeds match we should have at least been competitive. Findley I don’t think once controlled a ball first time. Tudgay had one shot so hopelessly off target that I had to be told by two people that it was a shot and not him miss controlling. Miller when he came on was fill of drive, but he seemed so obsessed with scoring himself he ignored others. Both fullbacks were frequently beaten. Snodgrass beat Cunningham so often and outmuscled him.

I will admit the Howson goals was a great finish, but he had the space and time to compose such a finish. I am sat here trying to recall a good effort. Miller had a free header close in he put straight at the keeper, and McGoldrick had a smart shot turned round the post, but that’s about it. It was simply awful.

And if we play that again for much longer we will go down. I take solace in hoping that it was a one off. However, it could easily turn the fortunes downward. Heads drop. Morale affects us.

We need help and fast. We need new bodies. The current players are simply not up to scratch. We need a central defender who can also distribute the ball, and not aimlessly punt it. We need cover in the midfield that Moussi simply cannot do, at least not do consistently.

Worrying times ahead.