Who Next For the Reds

As I said last night in the general overview piece I wrote there is a lot of useless conjecture and speculation surrounding who will be next in the hot seat Trentside. So lets have a look at it all!!

The names bandied around so far are so varied and so numerous that it's frankly ridiculous to consider that all of these are names in the frame.

From what I have seen on Oddschecker, Twitter, Facebook and forums, there has been around 4 clear favourites for the role. Karl Robinson at Milton Keynes, Alan Shearer, Billy Davies and perennial favourite Martin O'Neill.

Also heavily in the frame are Stuart Pearce, Roy Keane, Brian Laws, and Colin Cooper has quite short odds. That's from an ex player point of view. One that Stan Collymore is very keen to push. Listening to him last night on TalkSport (I prefer to call it TalkSpite)he didn't answer if he would take the job. That means he'd take it but doesn't want to throw his hat in the ring.

Other names chucked in there are Mark Robins, Aidy Boothroyd, Dave Jones and Gordon Strachan. The usual array of wild and made suggestions follow after this. Which includes Terry Farndale and on one site Lee Westwood.

The common ground at the moment is that Frank Clark or Paul Hart seem set for a Director of Football role. So an old school Forest presence working with whoever is brought in. That makes me certain it'll be a young manager. Karl Robinson is favourite for a reason, but Lee Clark. Derek McInnes at St Johnstone is also being mentioned, but also in connection with Bristol City who are also managerless.

Mark Robins would be a good choice, he has a good record, is used to working on a budget and would probably be likely to want to come on over and try his hand with a bigger club. Sean Driscoll, till recently at Doncaster has been suggested. Yes he did well at a limited club, but in the last year has barely won games. Now as I say it is because Doncaster for so long have been punching above their weight. However, I Don't this example would be a good choice.

Then we get to Stuart Pearce, a popular choice no doubt. But, ask Manchester City fans what they thought. He had a bad record in the transfer market and didn't play an attractive brand of football. Also I'm not convinced he would leave the England set up. Admittedly he has said he would love to help Forest out, so perhaps he is bored of the U-21 role and wants every day management at the club which he made his home.

Martin O'Neill I think is unlikely. He left Villa for having a lack of money to invest. Something he won't get here. I also swear I read that John Robertson is done, and wouldn't want to assist again. He has retired. So whether he would be as successful remains to be seen.

Roy Keane, although passionate, usually demands a lot of money to be spent on the same half a dozen average players he always buys (step up Carlos Edwards)I'm really thinking this would be a bad choice as a manager. But Keano is desperate to prove himself and he made his name with us.

Then there are the definite nono's. Brian Laws, I just don't see as a potential candidate. Alan Shearer likewise I wouldn't want to take a risk on. Alan Curbishley like McClaren would be trying to remake his name. Dave Jones and Gordon Strachan would be similar unpopular decisions amongst fans.

Karl Robinson I will admit I know next to nothing about. I think people see it as another Eddie Howe / Paul Lambert potential appointment, made his name in League One and is looking to make the step up. Paul Ince tried this too and look how they worked out. Just a word of warning. Paul Tisdale like Robinson is a young manager being linked that I know literally nothing about, but he has had success at Exeter despite having to sell players, which would be appealing as that might have to be a path we go down.

I do think we need a young hungry manager rather than someone desperate to remake their reputation, like McClaren. Notice I haven't mentioned Billy Davies, for the simple reason I can't see it occurring, nor want it too.