The Social Networking Ban

Steve Cotterill has put a ban on the Forest players using social networking sites, banning them around £1000 a word if they do tweet, or post on Facebook.

On the one hand this at least will ruin any fake player accounts that do exist. This is a blessing as some of these are frankly embarrassing seeing people pretend to be players. And only really a couple of our players are prolific tweeters, and Dexter really has nothing better to do anyway.

Some have suggested its a reaction to Ishmael Miller outburst, it's not Cotterill did the same with Pompey.

I am torn as to if its serves much purpose. At the end of the day as long as they tweet in their own personal time I have no problems. Even if it is a player in melt down at the fans of the club. On the other hand it will avoid any silly misunderstandings, because lets face it, most of them aren't the brightest.

You also lose maybe a close connection with the fans that exists. Many of us follow the 6-7 players we do have on there. It's nice to see what the players say at times and their thanks for when things go well. To deny this link I think takes something away.

However, many other teams have similar bans, and lets be frank, most of what they have to say is rather bland and pointless. At the end of the day most people tweeting players or pretending to be them are attention seeking morons anyway, so that's not going to be missed.

At least the fake Facebook profiles have all stopped pretending to be their respective players. And it should finish of anyone elses ideas of making any more of these embarrassments.