One of Three for Forest Job

According to the BBC there are three candidates being interviewed for the managers job. Steve Cotterill(of course ex County) Mark Robins and finally Kevin MacDonald who is currently at Villa.

We have previously talked about and mentioned Robins, though at the time I was wrongly under the impression he was still at Barnsley despite having seen numerous thing about Barnsley's new manager. Anyway, he had a good record with a limited club, and all working with budgets (vital now with Forest). Rotherham would have more success under him had it not been their massive point reduction. Most importantly he is currently unemployed so wouldn't cost the club any money at all in compensation.

Steve Cotterill, well, he was of course although briefly, a former Notts County manager, bought in to get them over the line in their promotion season that was somewhat stuttering. He had 2-3 excellent months, but of course County were in a parlous state after Munto's takeover so he left for the much more stable Portsmouth (of course I am being sarcastic). He hasn't exactly pulled up trees with Pompey, but they have been working under terrible financial constraints, something that is probably enticing to the Forest board. Pompey were tipped by some to just plummet through the league last season, so them not really being in danger can be seen potentially as a success. But he is somewhat of a journeyman manager. He has brief success usually followed by stagnation,and its a choice that wouldn't fill me with glee.

Kevin MacDonald has limited managerial experience, in two caretaker roles with Leicester and Villa.though he is more well known for that spell with Villa.That was also with mixed success, in 8 games he only two, before Gerard Houllier took over.

I personally side with appointing Robins. If any from this list. Then again we have seen this too and fro so much in the last 10 days. Cotterill has too mixed a past in management, MacDonald has none, and I said at the start of this Robins would be a good choice. Although I have said I would support a Pemberton appointment, and he has no experience, however that was with a Director of Football working alongside him. Now Hart doesn't look like he is coming and with him apparently being the only choice for that role with the powers that be (like Hart is the ONLY man for the job? Bizarre) it looks like an old fashioned straight up manager appointment, and from this list (and pretty much most lists I saw) Robins would be my choice.