No Takeover on Horizon

I never like to be a told you so, but there is and never was a consortium in place taking over Forest.It was all just a rumour manufactured by the Sun, and who could have thought that? The very fact that anyone believed something that started with them frankly worries me that people these days believe anything they are told.

In my opinion any such takeover would have been a huge risk and gamble anyway. Do we really want people who frankly don't particularly care take us over? Don't get me wrong, they would for as long as they get us into a position to sell, and that would mean promotion, but where's the long term future there? Look at Birmingham and Portsmouth. I saw one tweet suggest if Manchester City can get massive backing, then why can't we, and then they then tried to suggest we were a bigger club pre Mansour then they were. Despite that vast shiny new stadium they had and being in Premier League. I point this out to show how deluded a whole bunch of fans have become.

In terms of having to stay with Doughty, people would you believe he is the worst chairman out there in the world, despite of course losing vast swathes of his personal fortune to keep us going, at least we haven't been a selling club. We haven't actually been that since we sold Dawson and Reid. We have always managed to keep our best players together without having to sell to keep us afloat unlike many so many clubs, so why is that so bad? Surely its worse to have a chairman we know can keep us afloat, but yet relies on club sales.

I bring to your attention John Majedski at Reading. Reading this year have sold two of their key players from a promotion chasing squad. Mills and Long were vital players,and haven't been replaced. From reading their forums I can see exactly the same argument we have made been made there. How can we get so close and just then not invest to get us over the line. In fact they made less signings than us. And we didn't sell two key players (Don't even try and claim Earnshaw as key,most fans I know thought his legs were gone anyway)

Or do we want what Doncaster had, where they had to ask fans to dig deep to loan a striker. To quote a Doncaster Rovers blog.
With Billy Sharp, Ryan Mason and James Hayter all struck down the club wanted fans to dig deep and donate money to the club to fund a replacement. Off the back of the worst injury crisis the club had ever known, this was our contingency. Our plan B involved wealthy men asking less than wealthy supporters for more money. The fans did raise some cash, probably enough for a week’s wages, two at best. And yet now a month later we are able to bring in a new manager and place another on ‘gardening leave’. Who’s paying for O’Driscoll and O’Kelly? Who is paying for Dean Saunders? Can those who donated blindly have their money back?

We aren't alone people in having a chairman who makes unpopular decisions. And here we go again, with a Burnley blog saying similar things
Clearly, it has not been the summer we all wanted to see. We had hoped there was going to be some money to spend and Eddie Howe would be able to keep the vast majority of his squad together, while adding two or three quality players to make us a real force this season.

You see this feeling of hard one by. That the people in charge should do more and have to do more, it's a feeling across most clubs. The difference is many other clubs make do.Their fans seem to understand the constraints.Our fans ,well a minority I should say seem to think £10 mill a year should be spent minimum.SO they got really excite about this takeover.

The whole takeover rumour just started getting silly anyway, with people on Twitter and Facebook just outright making stuff up about it, from Alan Shearer fronting it, to David Beckham buying us.I even saw someone tweet at Victoria Beckham asking her about it!!! WTF!!! That's outright ridiculous.

But now Doughty has resigned, it just seems he wants to stay owner, to keep us going, but just not making decisions. And now Mark Arthurs position seems to have been strengthened.Bravo protesters. Bravo. You utter dickheads.


  1. Your correlation with the situation at Reading is interesting, however, I would also point out that their chairman made it clear last season was their last attempt on the business model they'd employed since their stint in the Premier League.

    Primarily because the parachute money ran out and to continue on the same footing would have been putting the financial well-being and long-term future of the club in peril.

    Just good husbandry.

    Forest have to accept we have an unsustainable model. We had a pretty good splash of it for two years, irrespective of dissenters but going forward there has to be a new reality.

    Gambling, no matter how pragmatically framed, is just that, a gamble. We have to restructure the squad and business to sustain competitive Championship football, in the hope through good management, fine coaching and a good crop of young players we may find the formula to get promotion.

    If one rememebers back to the good old days, Forest were based on just such principles and punched above our provincial weight. It is over-achievement in the past that holds us back, not under-achievement now.

    I don't ache for the Premier League, I ache for good football, effort and a club culture founded on integrity and earnest endeavour.

    Heaven help us, if we restore that, we may find the Premier League arrives sooner than if we try to pretend Forest is something it is not. It would seem that something to many fans is a top six club with massive clout.

    It isn't.

    We struggled for 30,000 when we were winning the league and football was cheaper than it is now.

    Forest are at the middle range of where they should be as a play-off outfit.

    Which brings me on to another point. We have a good squad that is under-achieving and will improve if Jemima Puddleduck gets the job. And the play-offs, with 37 games to go, don't seem that far out of reach to me.


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