Its Silly Season

I simply do not know what to believe any more, but there are so many reports flying around at the moment about what is going on with Forest,it's hard to frankly believe.

The Sun is suggesting an American / Chinese consortium is bidding to take over. They would install a top manager and invest big sums.They also suggest Doughty wants to sell up, which isn't really whats been reported elsewhere.I cant help thinking this is utter tosh. Throw in a couple of vague nationalities, a suggestion of a big name but with no real body behind the story and you have something that sends everyone into a frenzy. Also why would Doughty be stepping down at the end of the season and not just wait till the deal is concluded? Oh and its the Sun of course.

That other great reliable source of truth the Mirror is saying that Peter Ridsdale, of Leeds infamy offered to swoop in after Doughty resigned. Seeing as Ridsdale is one of the most maligned names in the sport in this country, I for one am elated he has not succeeded if this has any shred of truth. That really would be a case of the grass certainly not being greener, it'd be a very dead brown patch, and in administration. Ridsdale runs clubs to the very brink of extinction, but gets lovely goldfish to look at whilst he does it.

Roy Keane has seen his odds slashed to become Forest boss. This if true would definitely suggest that the takeover story is rubbish. That being said the age old story was that Keane was the choice of Irish businessmen bidding last season. But in yet another twist to the most twisting convoluted blogpost I have ever written, a few sources on Twitter (again highly dubious) suggest Keane has no chance an to not waste your money, there has simply been a run that everyone followed on gambling on Keane.

Finally, I haven't checked but if I won EuroMillions, I will be bidding for the club tomorrow.