Cotterill Takes Charge

Steve Cotterill had his customary introductory press conference today, flanked by new chairman Frank Clark. The usual array of questions with the frankly usual array of answers took place, these press conferences really are rather pointless all told. Everyone asks what are your plans and the new incumbent mentions getting the club back to its best, make a remark about how Clough was the greatest and move on to more cagey answers about more direct particulars.

I'm not saying all of this has no point, sometimes it's just nice to hear how they say things will be or mention previous errors, but we've heard practically exactly the same from Kinnear, Megson et al before. Well I say Kinnear, he was of course the man trying to distance the clubs past, which so backfired that every manager now is clearly told express the clubs past as a bonus.

I do admit this would not have been my first choice as manager. I am hoping to be proved wrong. And as I read more and saw somethings fans had said from other clubs that I am filled with a little more hope. Most of them seem to be somewhat complimentary. Cheltenham fans of course are the most complementary. He did take them from obscurity to the league

County fans by and large seem to be, though many are also seemingly quite bitter that he dumped them. Portsmouth fans also seem complimentary, They recognise the hard job he inherited and the work he did in rejuvenating a tea at a lower ebb than probably thought possible before.

Going back to the press conference though, Frank Clark did say something that was attention grabbing. There is no money. We all suspected this, it's been confirmed. But then this is the current world we live in. So to tighten the purse strings is vital. Many fans won't like it, but then, unless they happen to win Euro Millions its a rather pointless argument.

Cotterill will also ban players using Facebook and Twitter. Apparently he does this at all clubs and this isn't just a reaction to Ishmael Millers angry tweets at the weekend. Somewhat misguided, but then frustration often gets the better, and I for one applaud his passion if nothing else.

We start yet another new era at Forest. Let's see how this one goes.

Incidentally,it's also interesting there's people kicking off already about a new manager. Before he's even really took his first training session. Laughable. Laughable.