Back to Back Wins Illustrate McClarens Shortcomings

Following Saturdays defeat of Blackpool Forest have already equalled what we achieved under Steve McLaren in his tenure. Steve Cotterill has taken just two games to do as such. A 100% record is all we can ask for as fans.

Seeing as Cotterill was a somewhat maligned appointment, this is obviously wonderful news. The win on Saturday was a hard fought victory. It wasn't a smash and grab by any means. But we did make a lot of hard work. Thomas Ince for instance at times made or defence look like they were playing statues.

This was of course by the time we were looking good anyway. The first goal was a familiar gal in the past, but hasn't been of late. A headed goal from a corner, which used to be Chambers domain for netting, but Big Wes stepped up. Tudgay had gone close and Chambers also with a header had chances. Blackpool of course had their own, it wasn't one way as I said.

Their goal didn't have that inevitable feel that usually happened under McClaren. But it was the defence standing off. Allowing Kevin Phillips a chance to get some space is naive. He is a natural goalscorer. And we gave him all the speed he wanted. He duly showed us why thats bad. A low drive into the corner.

But when Majewski scored the winner it did feel a little against the run of play. A throw in that dropped to the Pole who volleyed home. I still think Matt Gilks should have done better in Blackpool's goal. No matter, I don't mind when it comes to Forest nicking a goal.

As said Blackpool had chances and maybe should have equalised. I think that would have been fair. As said though, for what we have been through, I don't care one iota or have any sympathy. Especially as Blackpool had a 4 wins in a row record against us.

So the fact that with the very same players that McClaren had (in fact less as Hill had returned to QPR) Cotterill has been able to carve a double wins, with a similar formation. The differences are the defence looks like it now has a clue,the players don;t look completely unmotivated, and they seem to want to play for the new Steve rather then the Old Steve.So had McClaren lost the dressing room, well that much is apparent. I supported the man but admit I was wrong. The fact Cotterill has done so much more in 2 games than McClaren did in his 10 speaks volumes.

It has been said that, I think it was on Football Weekly's podcast that going for the big showy name doesn't work at this go for the grafter,the budget worker. Look at Leicester, Sven has as good track record as anyone, and he didn't get this division right.

All in all, things look good for Forest again. Confidence is back.