Steve McClaren is staying – for now at least...

Steve McClaren has confirmed he’ll stay on as Forest boss following speculation surrounding his future.

Talk was rife that Steve was on the brink of walking out following a lack of signings and support from the board.

All talk of an exit ended this afternoon, when Steve released the following statement:

I am surprised at the reaction that has come following some of the comments I have made.

I can't deny that it has been a frustrating time and some things have not worked out the way I had hoped in the first three months but it is a building process and still very much early days.

I would like to emphasise that my only concern is getting on with the job at Forest and achieving the goal of taking the club back into the Premier League.

Contrary to reports, it has never been my intention to consider leaving. I'm certainly no quitter and I am as enthusiastic about the task as I was on the day I arrived in Nottingham in June.

I am desperately keen to succeed at Forest and as far as I am concerned it is onwards and upwards with everyone pulling in the same direction in order to achieve our aims."
Now I’m still totally unimpressed with this whole scenario.

The club is really in the dumps at the moment and, as I said last night, this was the last thing the club needed.

The story didn’t only become a talking point among our fans; it went on to draw unnecessary attention from around the country. It even ended up as the main story on both Sky Sports and BBC Sport.

Maybe this news could kick start our season but I have reservations.

While it may be OK between McClaren and the board for now, it’s the players who go out there and get the results. If I was a player, the feelings I’d have would be dismay and bewilderness.

I'd also go as far to say that defeats to Southampton and Derby in coming weeks will see Steve turn his back on the club once and for all.

Like most, I pray that I'm proved wrong.

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