I just tried to write about 6 or 7 headlines. None fitted except this. The proper match report will follow but with result I feel a pre emptive response is needed.

That result.....christ whether can anyone ever describe anything positive. Something is not right in the state of Forest to quote a better playwright than me.

In 6 short months our defence has gone from water tight to frankly awfully leaky.What gives?

I am still too awestruck to put anything into a decent idea.

I have been defending the clubs management and directors recently. I feel currently like an idiot. A charlatan. I want to back this up. I frankly can't. Something has to give.I want to support one and all but to be honest I am sat here lost for words ,ideas and to be honest clues.

To make it worse my phone lies shattered. I dropped it to check the internet for more info on the way back from the pub. When your down the world kicks you harder..

There's a small part of me tonight wanting to go back in time and tell 8 year old me to not bother....... Like barbie dolls instead.