Rows, Sackings and the Green Scarf Brigade – The Aftermath of Forest vs Derby

I’m pretty sure we’re all aware that Saturday’s defeat has left the bitterest of aftertastes in every Forest fans mouth.

The fan reaction to this game is perhaps one of the worst I’ve experienced as a Forest fan.

A section of fans seem to be happy to scapegoat anyone for this season’s poor start.

In fact they’ll blame anyone who is prepared to listen. From McClaren and the board to, laughably, Radio Nottingham and even Doughty’s son.

Maybe Forest 24-7 is perhaps next on the ‘people to blame’ list.

I suppose we all expected a backlash after we whimpered to defeat against 10 man Derby. Many fans made their feelings known during the game. Saturday was the first time ‘Doughty/Arthur out!’ chants were aired. The usual ‘we want our Billy back!’ shortly followed.

A ‘Mark Arthur Out!’ banner reared its face in the B Block – why they always go for his head is laughable, considering he is nothing more than Doughty’s well paid puppet.

I left Saturday’s match in a state of shock. An abysmal performance combined with massively unhappy fans, confirmed we were on the road to being a club in turmoil…again.

If afternoons like that become a common theme this season, we may well be relegated. It’s as simple as that whether you are prepared to admit it or not.

The frustrations hit a nerve with some players.

Two of our biggest characters in Wes and Campy, had to be separated from each after the game following a row. Most seem happy with the passion they’re showing. I’m inclined to agree. Every changing room is bound to have a clash every now and again; I just hope it doesn’t become a weekly occurrence.

The fan frustration also got to McClaren. Anyone who saw his post-match interview, saw a man visibly upset and at the end of his tether with the current failings. His apology to the fans has at least received some acknowledgement.

I still question Steve though. How can the likes of Chambers and Camp lose their passion and drive in the space of a few short months? Can they really lose all desire to wear the shirt overnight? Why sub Greening for Findley? Greening was holding everything together and Derbyshire should have been sacrificed instead. I guess he has his reasons.

Steve was so upset and frustrated, Rob Kelly ended up conducting the post-match team talk. Steve just sat in changing room, staring at the floor in deafening silence.

As Saturday came to a close, Sunday did little to raise the faith.

While the players were called into a ‘crisis’ training session, news broke that Kenny Burns had been sacked from his hospitality role at the club.

The majority were left thinking this was linked to him criticising the board in his Evening Post column. The real reason was even closer to home than some realised.

I’m sure some of the people on our Facebook page, will remember the uproar Kenny caused when accusing someone of grooming young girls last week. Due to the chance of this being untrue, Forest was left with no choice but to relive him of his duties. Not a very smart move but a sad way for a club legend to go.

Either way, Doughty lost a few more friends over this decision.  

Sunday was also the day people turned on Radio Nottingham’s, Robin Chipperfield. Chippers was being barraged with such abuse, he ended up saying he’s giving twitter a break because of it!

I was embarrassed in all honesty. How can our fans now start blaming local media reporters for the way the club is ran, performances on pitch and his interview techniques? They must know themselves they’re talking garbage, unless Chippers and Fray are now registered players.

Such negativity has since led to the birth of the green scarf brigade – basically the same as Man United wearing Norwich City scarves.

“A green scarf until the club is sold”

Sadly the majority of our young support is easily led, and will gladly wear a green scarf with this season’s replica home shirt – a great way to prove you aren’t putting any money into the club.

They’ll also spread the word considering the majority run them god awful player pages on Facebook – more on that in another article. Put it this way, it’s just young idiots preaching to other young idiots.

Some of our more mature fans have perfectly valid reasons why they want a change; I fully respect that. 

The young supporters want them out as it’s the ‘in’ thing to do, and frankly I haven’t got the time of day for them.

For now, we have to fight on and bounce back with a win tomorrow.

A few wins will have some fans back on side and the ‘Doughty Out!’ stuff will die out as quickly as it started…until the next defeat anyways.

Keep the faith because this club has seen far, far worst days.

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