Pleat Has Gone

Well I am sure everyone has by now seen the news that David Pleat has left the club.
The official line from the club is that he has stepped down. Whether that's fully true,who knows. Perhaps he has seen the supporter pressure, perhaps he has been asked by the club. It was always one of Billy Davies main moans about the Transfer Panel, and it was common knowledge amongst fans that it was mainly with Pleat that Davies had an issue. That seems to have carried on with McClaren.

I am sure people coming into the club are somewhat bemused by what a Part Time Football Consultant really actually does, other than merely add an extra cook to an over populated broth. Keith Burt, the chief scout has now been given a more trumped up job title, but his role will probably remain quite similar. Director of Recruitment and Scouting is surely still just Chief Scout at the end of the day. The much maligned Transfer Panel will now be reshuffled, with one less man. Hopefully streamlining the whole process.

 If this is the big news that was previously alluded to by the usually unreliable FanHousePercy then its small fry really.I was expecting Mark Arthur to have resigned rather than the minimal impact this change will have had.