McClaren to Go?

Friday's Daily Mail back page #tomorrowspaperstoday

Apparently the above is tomorrow's back page in the Daily Mail.

We've seen it before, knee-jerk articles thrown together by journalists putting two and two together and coming out with five. This article could be a fake after all from either a Derby fan on the wind up or a supposed 'fan' taking more pride in our downfall. Sadly, the photo looks pretty damn legitimate in my eyes.

The article says Steve will decide in the next few days whether he should go in a bid to protect his reputation - what reputation he's trying to protect in this country I don't know because frankly he doesn't have one.

It also goes on to state his frustration at not being able to compete with West Ham and Leicester - something which had initially been promised to him when the board appointed him.

If there is an element of truth in the story itself, sadly I wouldn't be shocked.

Media sources have said previously, McClaren was close to leaving the club before a ball had even been kicked due to the lack of signings. In the end, he got his players and could possibly be trying the same tactics again.

The article doesn't make good reading and as a club this the last thing we needed - especially on the back of a 4-1 thumping and a less than impressive deadline day.

At the moment, our club seems to be on a collision course to a major slump.

The number of fans turning on the club since Billy left is growing and people are generally unhappy with the results, lack of transfer activity and football we're playing.

If McClaren walked away it would harm everyone involved with the club - including Steve himself.

Steve would become even more of a laughing stock than when he joined us. A chance to re-establish himself in a country that detests him, sees him jump ship after 5 games. His career would be simply ruined.

Players confidence will hit an all time low. It's obvious that some players are unhappy at the moment and the last thing we need is a potential false newspaper article souring this even more.

And then we have the board and fans. We know what the reaction would be from the fans if Steve walked - something along the lines of Doughty, Arthur and Pleat Out!.

Whatever happens, this is not good publicity for the club. In fact it's the worst thing that could leak out the club. In fact, McClaren's time as boss upto now has been nothing short of disastrous - from pre-season to Verhoek to now.

All I can say is that it's a relief we have an international break this weekend. If he chooses to stay on, a defeat to Southampton and then to Derby would probably be the last we'll see of him.

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