McClaren Calls For Drastic Changes

Apparently, according to the BBC McClaren has called for drastic changes at the club. Whether thats on field or off field wasn't overtly specified. However it is obvious that something somewhere needs radically overhauling.

McClaren wne on to say
"There is a problem somewhere but I think the inquest will go on for the next few days in preparation for Sunday [against Birmingham]."

That almost sounds Megson-esque to me. I hope this doesn't mean we start to get onto dark forces at work in the club quotes again.

Sending the players out early whilst he cut a lonely figure in the dugout smacks of a desperate man. Not knowing what else he can do to get this set of players playing right.

It seems to me that calling for drastic changes is strange. This is a club that reached the playoffs for the last two seasons, Ergo surely drastic changes weren't required. Okay, a lot of staff left in the summer, but they were by and large excess baggage anyway, players who weren't the players needed to make that step up. And now he's saying that drastic changes are required? Surely not.

I expect maybe another delve or two into the loan market looks on the cards. Who and where, that remains to be seen. Before now I had been defending McClaren thinking it takes time to settle in, but we are nearly into October, really we should be doing better by now.

Whats also alarming is for the second time in just over 2 weeks I have heard reports of Lee Camp being involved in dressing room altercations. This worries me greatly. Why is Camp becoming embroiled in these skirmishes? Because he is unhappy? There has been further talk of clubs interest in him. That'd further unsettle him even more than before.

I said it last night,but all is not right at Nottingham Forest. We take a step forward and follow it up with 3 backwards. Petty disputes at all levels and games of political control still seem to dominate the club, rather than letting people get on with their jobs. It really does feel like Megson all over again.