Hijacking of the Green Jumper

Today is of course the anniversary of Brian Cloughs death. A day that should be marked and remembered by all football fans not just Forest or Derby.

However I find myself somewhat angered on this day by what I perceive as a hijacking of an icon of Brian Cloughs time with the club, and the crowds show of solidarity for the great man, the green jumper.

In the past the club have asked or encouraged on the anniversary people to wear green to commemorate Brian Clough, a move I applaud and appreciate. However, the anti-board elements of the crowds support seem to hijacking this today in my humble opinion.

A campaign on Facebook and twitter and no doubt other places online like forums has sprung up about wearing green at games till the club is sold. I am fine with your protest, go ahead, show your anger and views, that is your right after all. I am just upset that it might manifest itself today at the Newcastle game.

Today should be wearing green to remember Brian, not to protest at the clubs hierarchy. Please, wear green tonight to remember Brian, not to use it as a means for another purpose, save that for other games.

I can assume that they would then point that so many people wore green as a protest and not because they have hijacked this to try and hide their campaign behind. Trying to make out their numbers are welled by people who are indifferent to any removal of the board.,