Finally Another Win...But Still Unconvincing

We may have won at the weekend with a single second half goal by Ishmael Miller, but Forest, and Watford for that matter flattered to deceive in a drab game at Vicarage Road.

I think the match will only be remembered for being an utter snore fest, which even the half time pundits struggled to try and get excited about. Chances and highlights were few and far between to say the least.

We'd set up with a more defensive line up, with the obvious solution to the recent shipping of goals. I thought before the game this might have been McClarens move, and lo and behold, that is what we did.

The rest of the team was fairly tight width wise up through the field. With only 3 midfielders you can barely have any width without losing a lot in the middle. So Greening and Moussi allowed McGugan to get forward and attack, or so the plan went. The reality was somewhat different.

I was also pleased to see Lynch retain his place after a couple of better performances(save for a couple of glaring errors of course) Miller and Findley lead the line, both have looked lively and impressive lately.

So with all that promise the game delivered little. Garner with possibly the best effort of the first half when he got in front of Chambers to glance a header which Camp parried wide and Morgan cleared. Forest had a couple of chances, a free header for Hill that should have seen a debut goal. Lynch too had a couple of efforts ghosting in at the back post.

The goal came after 61 mins, a long up field punt by Camp which the defence failed to clear and Miller stole in, poked the ball past Loach who was coming out. A lot of debate post match raged about whether it was a defensive mix up, should the keeper have been there? Who failed to call who? Well I don't care, an error led to us scoring and winning. Finally the type of break we need, and one that will ignite our ailing morale.

We go into an away game against Burnley, who are also struggling, with a good chance of jumping up the league quickly. Put 2 wins together and all this relegation talk will quickly evaporate into playoff talk. That's if we win though, with this team who are incredibly inconsistent who knows what may occur.