Derby Day Win Essential

So first off, I know there is no report from the Southampton game, I was working and unable to listen to the game. Sounds like we played well though and good old lady luck stopped us winning. Just adds fuel to the fire of the fans ire.

However, there are a lot of positives to take going into one of the biggest games of the season.Not just a big game because of the opponent and the fans need and desire for a win against hated rivals. The fact we are starting to flounder, we need to address this and get a home win under the belt and start the long hard process of grinding our way up that table.

We had a similar start last season,though it didn't feel like morale was as low last season. Additionally, it feels like we don;t know what the best side is yet, this was also a feeling we had this time last season. McGugan was only just about to begin his amazing purple patch of form. There were still people wanting Majewski to start ahead of him, even myself. Thats feeling different this year.

Another thing this season to consider is that Tyson looks like being fit for the game and is probably likely to start. Normally this wouldn't worry me, Tyson is one of the worst finishers we have had for awhile and is prone to being useless.However, put him in an opposing shirt, with a point to prove and hes liable to have a blinder. In a way that Commons always came good against us. It worries me no end.

We are starting to get a few goals around the team though, Derbyshire has opened his account, Findley has a couple,so that's a positive to take. We need to rectify defensive errors and its a good job Hulse isn't still at Derby as this exactly the type of striker who would batter us at the moment.With the defensive frailties suddenly appearing, I worry that confidence at the back has bottomed out. Camp looks like another man to last season, and thats a huge negative.

One vital thing is for the fans to stay with the team and not get on their backs. If the jeering comes it never inspires the team to come good.I can;t think of it ever happening, that's for sure. In this game, the fans will hopefully stick with the side, and really get behind the boys. For a change though it sounds like it won't be a sell out, unless there is a late rush on tickets whether that's a sign of the times,with austerity being a key word,or whether its fans being disgruntled is unclear. I have seen many people on twitter saying such things as "I won't be going again." Well good, your not the type of fan we want, fair weathers who just moan. Get behind the team, and we beat Derby. They aren't a very strong side in my opinion and should be there for the taking.

One thing is for certain, we will be here to report on the fall out, whether good or bad afterwards