The Curious Case of Lee Camp

I think it's fairly apparent at the moment that all is not quite right in the world of Lee Camp. The formally reliable keeper has become somewhat less reliable,and following an abject performance for Northern Ireland versus Estonia there are numbers of people starting to question someone once touted as a potential England keeper.

My cards are on the table here, I never touted him for England,even when in his very best form, I never actually thought that a player with his experience could play at that level. You need a Premiership keeper,or at least one who has experience that cauldron of pressure to be at that level. Camp hasn't.

But now there are many people noting that his form has really dipped (in fact since about March to be honest) Why is this? The most common conclusion is that his head has been turned,and that he is at least unhappy, or his morale has dropped since not being allowed to speak to Swansea in the summer.

No-one knows if this is for certain, we know there were offers, but there is nothing I have seen suggests that Camp had any intention of leaving. No doubt he would like to play at Premiership level, and show his talent on the biggest stage. Who wouldn't. All footballers have that ambition (maybe save for Wesley Verhoek)

If this is the case and his mind isn't right, or with the club Which are both footballing term cliches I despise, but guess there's an element of truth in then maybe Smith might see a recall. However, if we're talking about keepers needing confidence then this guy was one of the ultimate cases. Plus the abhorrent way he was treated by a number of fans.

I know someone who was a former Pro keeper, he has repeatedly told me he never rated Camp, and I have always laughed it off,but it now has me questioning whether he was right all along. For one he says he doesn't rate small keepers. At 6'1 he is no midget, but with most top keepers coming in at 6'3 to 6'5 it does make you wonder.

Whatever is the cause for Camps dip in form it needs to be remedied fast. I had hoped that time away from the club might help. I suspect it might have now worsened with his performance in Tallinn. But lets hope not. We know the quality he can show, and quality is permanent. Form, as they say, is temporary, and there I go again with cliches today.


  1. I agree if you look at last season there were a good few games where his form was questionable - Preston at home where we lost in the last couple if mins is good example. HOWEVER he is a good keeper, and I don't subscribe to 'head turned' = 'form dips' theory, akin to racing driver losing races to switch teams - it puts prospective employers off....lets hope its just a 'dip' all player have them!


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