Schmeichel Throws Points Away For Leicester

Nottingham Forest snatched a draw for the jaws of defeat on Saturday at the City Ground.After a woeful first half performance the Reds somehow managed to get back level late on in the match with a little help from Leicester keeper Kasper Schmeichel.

We set up in a 4-4-2 with McGoldrick in the side again. Cohen was on the right and McGugan on the left. Moloney and Gunter were again in the fullback slots.

In the first half nothing went right for Forest. That being said both goals that we conceded were from terrible errors, more than Leicester's brilliance. The first goal was a terrible pass from Greening to Chambers, Fernandes snuck in and squared the ball for Nugent to tuck in for an easy finish. There was a vague appeal of offside, but considering Nugent was behind Fernandes when he squared it all was in vain.

If that was bad enough,things got worse soon after when another bad error, a Chambers pass which was easily cut out led to a second Leicester goal. After Vassell squared, the first shot was blocked on the line but Fernandes had an easy finish to send to Foxes two up, and coasting to victory. It was more than deserved too.

Too say the feeling were down at half time would be an under statement. Fans were disgruntled and the midfield due seemed to garner most of the abuse, which was probably unfair in Boatengs case, but Greening had been poor.

What was also obvious is tat the front pair weren't working, although they did get very little service. As Boateng said post-match,you can't pass a ball forward when there is no ball to played. You can clamour in the crowd to play it to front men all you want, but if that ball isn't on, you can't, so the only option is pass it sideways. Unfortunately most fans didn't seem to comprehend this fact.

Anyway so the change was made bringing on Miller and Findley and it also spelled a slight shift in focus. Having Miller on, who is more of a physical presence, it meant we could play a more direct style. That type of play to the first half strikers was not an option, but with with the big man there it was implemented, and it spelt a change in fortune.

Forest now had a focus and started to slowly turn the screw. This was further improved by the introduction of Majewski, which gave a more creative force up front. That said our first shot on target took till 70 or so minutes when Findley got in and had his shot saved, his follow up was way off target.This cued cheers from the fans "we had a shot on goal" followed soon buy another effort when Miller created a snap shot out of nothing.

And then it all kicked off. For a start I was blind sided in the Trent End by the hand ball decision made against Matt Mills. Watching it again on TV maybe it was harsh, BUT it did hit his hand clearly. Schmeichel than acted like a fool trying to delay the penalty. Which McGugan dispatched into the corner brilliantly. What followed I can still barely comprehend for the complete stupidity of it. Schmeichel threw the ball away, which duly got him a second yellow card and thus a red.

He insists he didn't know he was on a yellow, so tries to justify himself by saying he did it only to get a yellow. Well sorry pal,but I think this just means karma got you for acting like a mardy child. He thinks that makes it OK, but I think it justifies the Red further in a weird convoluted sense.

Having an extra man we pushed on more and more, but I will be honest and thought we aren't going to get this. People started filtering out the ground, which I couldn't believe. Especially considering the Notts County match comeback, it points out that Forest go to the end and things can happen right up till the last kick. Well it happened again. Cohen crossed the ball in and at the back posted Boateng got the better of Konchesky to net an equaliser that we didn't deserve,but by god did we care? not a jot.

All in all, yeah Leicester were better. But we got a point in a game we under performed. That's a good sign. Yes, ultimately Schmeichels moment of madness allowed us to get the equaliser. But we still had to react what was on the pitch,and we didn't lose. That for me speaks volumes.