Miller Signing Spells the End for Tudgay and McGoldrick?

Firstly I was playing with bad puns to report the Miller signing along the lines of "call me Ishmael" quotes or Much the Millers Son. And decided all were unusable and really trying to hard. Besides everyone on planet earth knew this was coming so its hardly news. But yeah, welcome to Ishmael Miller. A big physical fast striker, possibly of the Marlon Harewood or King models of the past.

Its a type of player we missed in the past couple of years. Yeah we had Dele but his mobility was near negligible and so negated all his other work. I feel the strike force is coming together. We have replaced those guys who left us with players in my opinion as good or if not better. Derbyshire is the poacher in Earnshaws mode. Finley is the Tyson speedster. And Miller now the physical tough guy.

All this begs the question now what of Marcus Tudgay and David McGoldrick. Neither of whom have really flattered to deceive lately. McGoldrick to me has to be regraded as largely a failure since signing. An occasional goal, albeit wonder strikes versus Palace and bundling the goal in from close range from a yard haven't made me think he has it. And now there are more strikers vying for his place,it may be time to move him on,or try to fit in him another role. But where. He can sort of play wide, which he might be used as,and he can also sort of play in behind the striker, but he would never be first choice in either of these positions. Most fans would not be disappointed to move him on. True, he hasn't ever really had a chance to have a long term run in the team,but ask yourself whys this? You need to be good enough to get that shot,and right now,it seems Schteve doesn't think he's up to the challenge of leading the line.

Tudgay has never fully convinced me either,and I definitely think his time might be up. To me he was always, not quite a panic buy, but a short term solution to the Dexter Blackstock problem. OK he can hold the ball up,and he has netted a few goals, but as warned to me by a Wednesday supporting mate there will be long periods of him looking completely disinterested and going through the motions. I also think he is not aplayer to be at a top Championship club. His level is a little further down,he doesn't have that spark for me, that certain pazzazz that fills me confidence as well as mystery about what he could do. He's not a guy to make something out of nothing. Which is frustrating as he isn't a bad player. He just isn't great either.

Joe Garner too might well be thinking uh-oh time is up. McClaren seems to have a little more faith in him though, maybe illing to give him a go,and after all he did fairly well for Scunthorpe after going there on loan last season. But by god does he need to sort his attitude out. Against County it was embarrassing watching him have tissy fits, pick fights, and dive extremely badly. Like he wants to be that pantomime villain.

It will be interesting to see how the strike force evolves over the next few matches and who gets picked and who doesn't. What will McClarens choices be,and will he stick to the one up front with McGugan tucked in,or whether that was his repsonse to the squad he inherited. One thing is for certain. It is starting to take his shape more now as more players he has signed come in. Interesting times ahead.


  1. Hmmm, strikers. I hope we can find the key to both Derbyshire and Miller. My big fear is neither so far have really proven to be 15-20 goals a season strikers.
    My image of Miller is him hanging out left, cutting in with pace and power, and blazing wildly over. As for Derbyshire other than the 10 game loan spell at Olympiakos and an earlier one at Walsall he's never really been a goal scorer. A good link striker and inside forward though I hope, especially at our level.
    I think Tudgay is ok, he's a goal scorer if given chances but never seems to work hard enough to create anything, his movement is average to say the best.
    I think McGoldrick is a gifted player with good technique and I'm sure looks great on the training ground, for what ever reason he has been a massive disappointment on the pitch.
    As for Garner, why ever he got a good reception when he came on against Barnsley I'll never know. Bad attitude, average striker.
    Off to Doncaster tonight, fingers crossed, a goal will be progress.


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