Laughing at Those Who Left Early

The basic thing that Tuesday underlined to me more than ever, and something that has been a pet hate of mine for a long time is those that leave early. Ok I get that some people have buses and trains to get,but those leaving because we were losing so they just want to get to their car quicker, it really is an annoying.

Tuesday saw a number of people around me filtering out the ground "we're not going to get anything" being a common consensus. Of course they all came sprinting back in once they realised we had scored.

I have only ever left games early on three occasions and each time was frankly unneccesary and not my choice. And they were all years ago because I learnt my lesson.

Tranmere away in 99/00 season I left early. We were losing, playing awfully, and I had taken two mates (I was at Uni in Liverpool so it was convenient) They were complaining about it being cold,wet, poor football(bare in mind one was a Manchester United season ticket holder) and the fact our bus was due to leave at 4.45 and we were at the far end of the stadium. I say I learnt my lesson because I had forgotten that if you have a bus to get from a football stadium, chances are that bus will be delayed by all the match day traffic. I stood waiting for the bus, and heard the final whistle, saw everyone come out and get exactly the same bus back into Liverpool as me.

Another time I left early was going to a Mansfield match once with a friend. We left early to get a bus, of which we could have just got the next one, and missed a winning goal and hat trick by Phil Stant. For what? To get home a little quicker. I was at the football anyway,so why not stay later to get the full benefit of what I have paid for.

I think we have all known games where something happens right at the death that justifies in your mind that staying IS the right thing to do. We have all sat for a while maybe a few seasons next to someone who is ritually late, and how annoying it can be. Ok there can be odd occasions like you have somewhere else to be. But these people who do it all the time puzzle me. Surely you pay for the ticket and want to see it all ,no? I Don't get it anyway.

So what have you ever missed at a game you left early?

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  1. Left early and missed Des Walkers goal for Forest i was Gutted and have never left early again Lesson learnt


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