Defeat and Victory

Well, we just played two games in quick succession away from home with polarised results. On the one hand we lost to Millwall. I'd like to comment on this game, but I missed it all completely, having to be at work. So I didn't even get to listen. So all my views are based on what people who DID listen have told me, what people said on the forum and of course the highlights and match reports.

Basically as Forest went into this game I expected nothing and we got nothing and sound like we deserved nothing. 38% possession in a match isn't good enough at any level no matter the opposition, but thats what we had. OK, we had some good chances, Findley striking the outside of a post and Garner forcing the Millwall defence to backtrack. But Millwalls goals were all so familiar. A header from a corner, how often have we seen that. The other goal was simple enough finish from across. And even the Millwall could have more.

It set alarm bells ringing amongst many Reds fans. Millwall I suppose were a good team last season,top half anyway,but they aren't a heavyweight team and to be so outplayed is somewhat embarrassing for a team still trying to find it way.

And so we move on to the second of the weeks fixtures. A win against Doncaster, which saw the team juggled with again in this early weeks. This time though was bringing in new faces, Matt Derbyshire starting upfront with McGoldrick whilst Miller,signing the day before took a spot on the bench.

The lead came after half an hour when Maloney, who was in at right back, with Gunter playing left back, crossed for the the Welshman to score. The juggle around seemed to work allowing Cohen to get his energy back into the midfield. There was the vaguely perplexing decision to bench McGugan but if this keeps him fresh then I don't mind. After a win it looks a good brave decision, had we lost of course there would be questions asked about this decision. Miller came on and sounded active and strong. Seems a lot like Harewood, with hopefully more of a sense of direction.

I promise that normal match report duties will be resumed soon. This start of the season has been hectic for me, but from Saturday for the Leicester game,proper match re pots and pod casts will resume on behalf of Forest 24-7.