Will he or won’t he? Guy Moussi

Hopefully this week we’ll finally see the Guy Moussi saga tied up one way or another.

After all the previous rumours of Everton, Wigan and Stoke wanting him, it seems the only runners left in the race are us and Derby.

From a Forest perspective, we know it’s all in Moussi’s hands – with the offer of a new deal on the table and McClaren flying out to France to win him over. It seemed he’d pretty much stop here.

Yet early last week, news broke in the Daily Mirror that Derby wanted to sign the ‘Moose’. At the time the story seemed utterly ridiculous – maybe even a white lie from his agent to get more money from us.

Yet as the week has progressed, it looks as if his next move maybe the same as the one Nathan Tyson made.

And with Nigel Clough keen to find a holding player for his squad – as well as a replacement for Robbie Savage - it seems he is diverting his attentions to Moussi after missing out on Lee Bowyer.

By the Friday, some of the Derby fans were saying that their representatives were in Rennes to give him a medical and a £12k a week contract - £4k more than the one it's believed Forest offered him.

For me if Moussi wanted to stop, he would have already re-signed for us – his current contract ran out 11 days ago after all. He could well be holding us to ransom though.

If he does choose to go, I am one of few that won’t be worried because there are so many better options than him out there.

In my eyes, Moussi has only been good for us for a good 5 months out of his 3 years at the club.

A lot of the time, I’ve seen him as a total liability in the centre with his abysmal passing ability that sees any good he does then cause greater danger – if he kept doing that in the Premiership against Fabregas and the like, you wouldn’t get the ball back.

He’s also relatively injury prone – as soon as he starts to look like the real deal, he breaks down - of course that's not his fault.

My theory on Moussi is never popular with our fans due to him being a cult figure.

I’m not totally negative on Moussi, don't get me wrong. In the December and January of last season; the guy was a class above the rest of the team – before then breaking down again. If Moussi can consistently play for us like that then I’d agree it’d be a massive loss.

Fact is he doesn’t and he won’t.

Whatever route Moussi chooses, you’d hope the dust will be settled by this time next week.

If Moussi does choose Derby as the club for him, you’d feel that it’s maybe a case of what Earnie said upon leaving the club - too little, too late.

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