Panic Stations? Not At All

There is this underlying chorus of Forest fans on various forums, facebook and twitter who would have you believe that the club is on the brink of a crisis. Scare mongering, rumour manufacturing and bad Chinese whispers has all sorts of melodramatic types deciding to write off this season already, decry the board and even in some parts make out that the manager is about to walk out.

It is all laughable.

I know what people will say "oh but look at the money Leicester are spending!!" Oh but I have noticed, they are OVER spending in my minds eye. Spending too much money on players. Oh it might work and I'll kind of be proven wrong, but look at that sentence again. Might. Not a big word, but has big connotations. You see Leicester are potentially mortgaging the future of the club on this campaign. Yeah they have deep pockets over there now, but only as long as those pockets are full. If they don't go up, that's £x million spent that won't be made back. And that can only go on for so long.

I agree with the masses I would like more signings. But not so much when it's for the sake of it, or when we have to spend double the market value, just because other clubs know Leicester, or one of the other big spenders (I assume will be West Ham, Birmingham etc) are sniffing round. Of course Bristol City will demand double what Maynard is worth, I can't blame them, but equally I don't want the club to spend for the sake of spending. There are other players out there in the world. It just might take time finding,negotiating, finalising these deals

Routledge is a fine example of what keeps happening. He knows we want him, but he also knows that other clubs will probably want him, so he bides his time to see what offers are on the table. It's financial sense, and something we would all do. If he goes to a club paying more, people will brand him a money grabber unfairly, because, as I say,everyone of us would do exactly the same.

There's talk of protests, this makes me laugh. What really do they expect to achieve? They think Mark Arthur and Nigel Doughty will be cowering under their desk, scrambling to get on the phone, to make signings to appease an angry pitch-fork wielding mob? Of course not, And said mob will contain the usual crowd of people who just want to shout about anything. I saw people talk of doing it when the Open Day is on, Yeah lets expose young kids to that kind of vitriol. Morons. Pathetic morons.

There is this whole idea that the club "owe us answers" I'm not sure why people think this. You weren't held at gun point to buy that season ticket,they didn't force you to buy one. I too have spent a large cash of meagre savings on a season ticket.But I am not angrily tweeting the official Forest twitter account,(which by the way is frankly stupid, as if the powers that be even read that,it's just some poor guy updating that and facebook, not someone who matters in the grand scheme)There was no binding contract when you bought a season ticket saying we will tell you everything you need to know. I see Free Forest have reared their heads again. A campaign based on dodgy maths manipulated to prove a false point.

The truth is, yes deals are taking slower than we would hope. But the season starts in August,not July, there is more than enough time to bring in the right people. We don't need to go and hurl cash here. The general public seem to want to hurl blame at someone, and the board is always a very easy target. Why are we focusing on assistant managers when we should be on players? Well assistants are often as vital. Look at Chelsea when Wilkins left, Man Utd after Kidd left were a little flustered for a few years. A good assistant is worth three players. Hell look at the history of our club. Clough and Taylor, need I say more?

It is almost as if people think they are deliberately trying to run the club down. That Mark Arthur and Nigel Doughty have a mission in life to ruin all of our days by not doing as we request. Of course they want success, but they also want to see the club survive. They also want to get value for money, because if we did splash the cash and it all flopped, those same fans demanding money be spent,would then turn around and the board were idiots for spending too much. It's a no win situation.Damned if you, damned if you don't

I can't help thinking this all stems from the Evening Posts drawn out raison d'etre of creating anger and distrust to sell papers. Again they lead with something similar alluding to distrust and discord. This isn't based on inherent truths,but more the fact they need to sell papers. A News of the World-esque sting no, but it is all designed to get you to spend money on that paper. Or go on the site to get advertising revenue.

As a popular poster says. Keep Calm And Carry On


  1. Good piece. As I just remarked, two words for any Forest fan who just want Forest to make any kind of signing: Eugene Dadi.

  2. But there WILL come a point when we have to cough up the market value for a player.


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