Greening Official, Moussi Close to Signing

First up Jonathan Greening has officially signed today. There's a picture there of him in the kit so it must be official (as an aside, that's never really officially, remember Kevin Miller?) It looks likely he will also be installed as club captain, after signing a 3 year deal with the club. The deal is worth £600k. Reaction has been mostly positive amongst fans,thought the usual miserable folks are out asking why we are signing "has beens" and why is he on a 3 year deal (so was McKenna) These people are never happy of course.

In other good news Sky Sports say Guy Moussi is set to stay at the City Ground. All the Premier League interest he was supposedly cultivating has failed to materialise., Therefore I guess this was all agent speak trying to garner interest in Moussi. Or of course force Forests hand to up their offer. This obviously never happened, so then Derby were linked. Still Forest weren't shifted. Now he has to accept.

Oh and it looks like the Routledge deal might still be on. According to some on Twitter anyway. Not overly trustworthy, but we can hope.

Still no left backs though.

I've just been told on Twitter Moussi definitely signed at 18:30 today.