Earnie Signing For Cardiff

A report this evening on WalesOnline is claiming Robert Earnshaw is about to sign for his original club Cardiff, where he is till regarded as a cult hero.

It will be a shame to loose Earnie to a promotion rival, but on the flip side, he wasn't at his best this season. I don't doubt however that he will still be able to do a sterling job for Forest, or for that matter Cardiff, IF this rumour which has yet to be verified (and a few tweets from Cardiff fans suggest this isn't the first time this source has jumped the gun on reporting a "story" before without it occurring)is true.

Lets be clear, if Cardiff have offered him more money than Forest have, then at his stage of his career with a young family, who are we to criticise, anyone of us would switch job doing the same thing for a better salary. The other matter is, Earnie was a very high earner at Forest, and if those wages are loosened off the wage bill, we might be able to use that money elsewhere on a player who may well be more reliable.

As said Earnie last year often flattered to deceive. Me and my mate I sit with often joke that half the time Earnshaw is so desperate to get the goal, that his play may not before the benefit for the team. The other thing is that his goalscoring wasn't amazing this year. Which obviously is vital.

That said,the club have obviously tried hard to keep him,and the fans will be mostly disappointed to lose him. He is well liked by everyone, and is aavery experienced head to have in the dressing room,which is what McClaren has decided is paramount.

But it might just be that Earnie has decided that this episode of his career is finished,and a new chapter is available. He may have seen the reception Bellamy got on his return,and think she would love that adulation. This is all conjecture of course.
If he does go back,the fans, the club, the city and his love for all three will be mentioned. I'd just hope we wouldn't boo him on any return.