Calderwood Decision Nigh

It finally seems from a number of sources I am reading that we will finally get to know either way if Calderwood is going to be returning as our assistant or if heis heading to Birmingham.

According to the Daily Record,they seem to think he is going to choose Birmingham as his port of call. A general consensus amongst all the writers and fans comments is that everyone expects Calderwood to be gone very shortly either way. Many are very glad about this.

It appears from the media north of the border who tried to probe Calderwood on his future post match after a friendly Berwick is that he wants to leave. His heart isn't in the job, He refused to discuss his future,issuing a demand to not be asked questions about it.

There was an appeal from ex Forest player, Matt Thornhill,now at Hibs for Calderwood to stay,and his comment was that they all think he will. This is just player talk of course. They rarely accept anything is wrong.

What is interesting is some other reports mention that they think Calderwood actually favours moving to Forest, yet Birmingham are closer to agreeing a desirable compensation package to Hibs.