So Mr Steve McClaren....

So it looks a foregone conclusion that the former England manager Steve McClaren will be our new boss.

I have seen a lot of anger about this, and frankly why? We are being linked with a manager with a high pedigree and yet people moan and want something else, making me think once again, the vast majority of fans must be one rung on the evolutionary ladder above a zombie.

So he didn't work out with England, I forgot that part where random idiots with no pedigree get appointed to a top job in the international game. Wait. the Sun nicknamed him and we must all blindly agree with what a vile rag with a history of questionable view says!!!!

It really appals me the lack of foresight I have seen by many fans. McClaren has took a side with a worse past than us to a European final and took a team a similar size to us to a national title. BUT THE SUN CALLED HIM THE WALLY WITH THE BROLLY> Fuck the Sun folks. They have an agenda to ruin anyone who's famous and he also famously refused to answer questions, another reason the Sun got its goat up. So ask again why most blindly agree with an idiots paper written by idiots for idiots.

This is a good appointment no matter what some think. And we will prosper.So if you don't agree and decide to set up a pathetic protesting Facebook profile. (by the way, you really are a fucking idiot for setting these up) and those saying "I will NOT renew my ticket." Billy's gone., get over it, we now have a manager with a high pedigree as a boss. Good news all round